The vision

It all began with the will to build a suite of platforms from scratch that could transform digital media management. Powerful, incorporating the most advanced technology, but easy to use. A complete suite that could integrate the tools needed to manage and monetize all types of digital media in the same spot. An all-in-one approach.
The time
A multidisciplinary team of experienced engineers and UI/UX designers, which for several years has been committed to breaking with paradigms and conventional approaches in the digital media area. Individual experienced views and contributions complement each other and make Skoiy a complete platform suite, with an architecture and a disruptive integration approach.

The reflection of the daily focus, dedication, and incorporation of constant customer feedback. Skoiy is brought to you by a team with the long-term vision to transform the way you work digital media.
Skoiy genesis
The name Skoiy is the merge between two words: Sky and Sequoia, the biggest tree in the world. Any digital media project, to grow and become big, needs solid foundations and strong roots as the Sequoias. Altitude is what gives us the power to look over everything. Facing the horizon and dreaming.

The sky is a symbol of globality and the Sequoia tree is a personification of the solidity and the empowerment Skoiy incorporates in each project.
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