Reliable live streaming

A scalable, high-quality and high-performance live streaming platform that provides the tools you need to manage and deliver live content quickly and easily to any device.

Skoiy Live is a complete solution for professional live video streaming. With this platform, you will be able to bring the following advantages to your business.

Developer friendly

In addition to facilitating the management and distribution of live video projects, the Skoiy Live platform provides an API that makes everything easier. In this way, reduce the load and investment you would need in programming and servers to integrate video into your project.


Management of multiple projects simultaneously

Skoiy Live offers the possibility to have multiple accounts for different projects from a single login. This centralized form facilitates the management of different contents.


Advanced tag management

The platform encourages you to use tags to organize your content. Skoiy Live’s advanced tag management system is very intuitive and streamlines your workflow, so you always have your events/directives well organized.


Filters to find your content

Skoiy Live offers filters that streamline your search for directs. Through the filters, you can search and find your events in an intuitive and fast way.

find your directs in an intuitive and fast way

Accessible from tablet
and desktop

You can work from anywhere as the platform is accessible not only on desktops but also on tablets. That way, you won’t miss opportunities to release first-hand content. Everything is just a click away.


Incorporate transcoding and create manifests

The Skoiy Live platform incorporates a transcoding module for multiple video profile creation and manifest generation:

- MPEG Dash
- Smooth Streaming

Target the audience

With the Skoiy Live platform, you can target the audience of your live video streams. The platform includes features such as geo-blocking, geo-targeting, among others.

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