Publishing content made easy.

An intuitive platform with tools designed to optimize and simplify the workflow of editors, content creators, writers, and contributors. Skoiy Posts stands out for its ability to increase productivity in content publishing.

There are several advantages of using Skoiy Posts. Check out some on the list below and see how this tool can transform your business.

Automatically adjusts images

The task of resizing images or reducing their size when creating new content is no longer a concern. Skoiy Posts does it automatically, keeping your website optimized for search engines.


Improves page SEO

The plataform includes advanced SEO metadata parameterization, reduced hosting load and global content optimization through Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). These features are intended to improve the position of your website pages on search engines, significantly increasing your ROI.


Facilitates the management of multiple projects simultaneously

Skoiy Posts offers the ability to have multiple accounts for different projects accessible from a single login. This centralization aspect facilitates different content management.

centralized content management - different projects and content with the same access

Has a advanced tag management system

The platform encourages you to use tags to organize your content. Skoiy Posts advanced tag management system is intuitive and effective, streamlining your workflow and keeping your content well organized and just a few clicks away.

advanced tag management that helps you manage and interact with readers

Has filters that help you find your content

Skoiy Posts provides filters that speed up article search. Through the platform filters, you can search and find your posts in an intuitive and fast way.

search and find your articles with a single click

Gives you a simplified multilingual management

Skoiy Posts lets you add a new root language or clone existing content without reloading any images, galleries or videos. Multiple accounts for different projects accessible from a single login.

an intuitive interface that makes the translation process extremely simple

Makes it possible to schedule posts

Understanding the need to prepare various content for posting at different times, Skoiy Posts allows you to schedule posts for a date of your choice.

schedule your articles publication

Has direct integration with other skoiy platforms

Skoiy Posts allows you to meet other needs, besides placing image galleries or hosting playing videos. The plataform has the Skoiy Family, respectively, in Skoiy assets, Skoiy video.


Is accessible from tablet and desktop

Skoiy is a very complete integrated media management, archiving, sharing and monetization platform solution.


Includes expert support

When using Skoiy Posts, you’ll always have a specialized team focused on SEO strategies. With Skoiy Assets you have a high-performance and data center-structured solution which minimizes fite loss and corruption risks.

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